Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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The true story of a wartime romance and one man's emotional journey to repair a damaged childhood and claim his identity. In Cast No Stones, author Kevin Machell recounts his life growing up in the slums of post WW II Britain as the illegitimate son of a U.S. soldier.

With both poignancy and humor, Machell shares his search to locate his long-lost father, their emotional first meeting in America, and the dramatic twist that left him and all around him in a state of shock.


Why I wrote the book

For many years I'd contemplated writing an abridged version of my life story. I intended it to cover a certain aspect of my life that I believed would be totally unique and compelling reading for my children and grandchildren.

As I began putting pen to paper, I realised that my story could well have a great deal of appeal to other readers. As a consequence of this and with the encouragement of my wife and children, I decided to widen the scope of the book to include a broader overview of my childhood.

My aim was to highlight the often sad, but sometimes hilarious experiences of a small boy growing up in a slum  during the austere years of post-war Britain. Judging by the many five star reviews my book's received on Amazon, I think I must have succeeded.

The following pages cover the synopsis, the author biography and some photos from the book. I hope you enjoy reading my special story.

"Each chapter seemed better than the chapter before. 
It was a book you'll have trouble putting down."

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